Retro Mars

On January the 23rd Mars will be going retrograde and it will stay like this till April the 13Th.

What is retrograde ? Sometimes planets seem to be going backwards

What will happen? First we need to understand the power of this planet Mars. It is a leader, a force, it can generate war and is prone to a lot of action. If this is the case, when it comes to retro periods, all of the above will not be functioning. So, on the general sense, try not to take action at this time of the year; it is much better to think about what is that you need and have to do in order to obtain what you want. Slow down, introspect, don’t act, think twice before you do or say something.
Who is sensitive ? We all are affected by this planet, but there are some of us that can feel this particular transit more : Aries and Scorpio.
Th Red Planet

What’s in it for me ?
Aries : Mars retro will be affected on the personal level as Mars is their ruling planet.Pushing yourself during this Mars retrograde cycle will only lead to slowdowns. It’s time to review how you have been handling yourself in terms of self-assertion and expression of anger. So, this is a good time to think it over.

Taurus : Intuition and spiritual matters,these is where you need to focus because Mars rules these areas of your life. Try not to rely on your intuition, especially when it comes to other people. You will not be a good judge of the people around you.

Gemini : Mars rules friendship, group associations, networking. You can have some setbacks in this areas of your life. Postpone, if you can, going to group meetings and just be aware of the place you have for yourself there.

Cancer : Mars here affects the career, the reputation, the professional life. Challenges or setbacks might alert you to the need for re-organizing your energy and enthusiasm for these matters.

Leo : Here we have perspective, personal philosophy, higher education; this is where Mars relates best to Leo and makes him think more about this matters of life. You will probably be less confident.

Virgo : For Virgo Mars will influence intimacy, sharing, and finances; so postpone a loan with a partner. You will not be very good at expressing yourself with a partner.

Libra : For the Libra the part that will create a setback will the negotiations and partnership A partner can be hard to reach or not as close as he/she used to be. Learn to reassess your partnerships.

Scorpio : Work, routines, health, day to day activity can be a little overbearing because Mars rules this part of the Scorpio’s life. You can find circumstances that can slow down your day to day activity.

Sagittarius : All  Mars can held you back on the creativity and entertainment. There can be some circumstance that prevents you from enjoying hobbies or leisurely activities. 

Capricorn : Areas of home, family and domestic activities Mars rules these areas in your solar chart and you may feel a little estranged with family members. Household projects may slow down.

Aquarius : For us, Aquarius people it must be about communication, siblings, neighbors, acquaintances. It will be harder to get from A to B.

Pisces : For you Pieces the areas that are affected by this transit : areas of personal finances, income, possessions. This areas will create concern and can be confusing.


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