A gentle tipping point – Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn is the great planet of discipline, of hard work and patience; of solitude and of responsibility. An interesting fact, but not astrology related: in Roman mythology was the god of agriculture. We had this planet in Libra for almost 2 years now and that affected all kinds of relationships, like business or personal ones. Libra is the planet of relationships and when a planet like Saturn is visiting; it becomes a little harder to form or to stay in a relationship. But that was in the past; let’s see what we have in the future.Saturn has entered Scorpio on the 5th of October 2012 and will stay there till the 17th of September 2015. Saturn affects now the fixed sings and that is because Scorpio is one of the most important fixed sign. The other 3 are: Aquarius, Taurus and Leo. Saturn also gives us the opportunity to gain strength, to become more responsible for what we do and say, and to cut out waste in our lives. Saturn needs us to work hard, put our energies into practical projects. Anything that is not practical will soon disappear under the care of Saturn.

The sign of the zodiac and how Saturn in Scorpio will affect you:

Aries: Saturn transiting your 8thhouse.
The 8th house is the house of sex and intimacy, soul mate; the house also rules the major lifestyle changes and shared resources. This transit will place a significant accent on these areas of your life. Aspect drastic changes and new conditions on shared resources. Although note that Saturn is a very slow planet and everything will happen very slowly. You may also find yourself in a position to encounter a problem with intimacy. It’s also a very good period to think and organize your resources. Saturn will actually teach you to do more with less money. It is best to come back to your bank accounts or your loans to see if you can better manage money there. When it comes to money, innocence is never bliss.  Read about new laws and about new ways to deal with them. If you do not, Saturn will find a way to force you do that. Remember that Saturn is the great teacher of the zodiac and he will make you learn your lesson. It is not safe to get married at this period of time because the husband or the wife will have some financial problems. You will find that having Saturn in your 8th house is much easier than it was having Saturn in your 7th house.

Taurus: Saturn transiting your 7thhouse.
The 7th house is the marriage, other people, and business partners, someone that can take you to court and file a lawsuit. Also we have here the balance of power in a couple. In this cycle you must define and better understand the relation with others. Try to be flexible, to act as a partner and not a ruler as you usually do. This means you will have to focus more on your partner, on your marriage and partnership. Many Taurus will get married under this transit and that will be a very healthy and good marriage. This will be a strong union and a very serious one. It might be possible that the husband or the spouse will be older than you and that is also in a very good aspect with Saturn in Scorpio.  But be careful that Saturn requires sacrifice and hard work to get this done. The focus will be on the partner, he or she will get a new job, or have a big promotion and you will have to balance your needs with his or her needs. You must be of great help in this situation and that is what Saturn wants from you. If you resist that, you will not learn the lesson that Saturn is teaching and that becomes a karmic one. Saturn will put a light on your relationship to see where you stand and how you are able to deal with it. The same thing can happen in a business alliance and not a marriage one. The business partner must be appreciated for what he is and gain its deserved status.  

Gemini: Saturn transiting your 6thhouse
The 6th house is the house of work, employees, co-workers, everyday chores and daily routine, also diet, attitude towards food. In this case, you must attack things in a different manner, change the way you handle projects. There are new ways in the marketplace and that is why you need to change too. There is some pretty good news, in this placement Saturn boosts the business and it must make you hire new people and find new people to help you in the business you have. It will take more assignment and more responsibility, a new job or a new endeavor for you. That means you have something new to enjoy, but also to work hard at it. Always remember Saturn is the great master of hard work and discipline and you must put that into your daily work and routine. Another area that will be on the spot light is the one regarding health routine or diet regime. Eat right, sleep right, change your habits for a healthier and better life. You may actually find a routine that you like (although that is very difficult as we are talking here about Geminis that especially hate routine). Organize your life, find ways to have a good time management and be productive in what you do. By the end of the transit you will be healthier and happier.

Cancer: Saturn transiting your 5thhouse
The 5th house is the house of creativity which allows you to be recognized as successful; it is the house of the inner child, hobbies, play, recreation and financial speculation; also the area of love and romance. Many of you will go through a period of evaluation of talents and of expression. Some of you might find the time and resource to turn a hobby into a business. One other theme will be getting serious about stabilizing your love life, because now you are ready to start a new chapter in your life, where you can build richer emotions. The new love that you will find now will be older than you with seven years or more. Saturn will approve with this and will be happy if you decide to follow this new love you have. Also Saturn will test this relation at the beginning forcing you to live separate for a period of time. But this will only make a connection even deeper and wonderful. If you are now in a relationship that is not good for you Saturn will make it happen for an end. If you plan to have a baby, now it is a very good time to do it as Saturn will guide along like a master. Creative projects will also find their ways and will be enhanced, they will take time and expect delays, but that is only because Saturn asks for quality in everything we do. At the end of the transit it is possible that you will be a happy mom or dad and you will know your responsibilities.

In a few days all about the other zodiac signs. 

2 thoughts on “A gentle tipping point – Saturn in Scorpio

  1. How do you define what is practical? What is practical for one person is not for another, and many of the things considered “practical” in our society are now becoming very impractical and even harmful, I though about it and why would a planet/god really care if someone is responsible/practical, I think Saturn is more about living your truth, if you're not true to yourself then there what are you learning?

  2. Practical is what is useful… what is realistic. I do agree that what is practical for one person may not be practical for another one. I think Saturn is just an influence, an influence that can take care of each of us…and yes, Saturn is also about your truth and also about what you learn from every experience in life.

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