Saturn in Scorpio for Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Leo: Saturn transiting your 4thhouse
The 4th house is the Mother, the one that has all the energy concentrated on home. Property concern, real estate, domestic issues, family in general is the main focus of the 4th House. This house is the emotional stability that we all search for, and this is the house of foundation and why we are able to cope with everyday stress. At first Saturn will place you in a position that you do not feel comfortable with. For example, you will hate where you live in the moment. It is Saturn, the teacher and master that will make you more responsible and aware of the foundation in your life. You may prospect the market for a new house, prepare a loan for a house or buy a house. You can also renovate where you live and make this a big project in your life now. Please be aware that Saturn asks for care and hard work and you must have these to make your dream about a house come true. You can also take more care of your parents in the next few years. Saturn will also give you the challenges and you must find a solution for each one. The house you will buy must be a practical one; you must afford it and must be sufficient for all the members in your family. Note that this will take time and it won’t happen overnight, you need patience because Saturn gave you a hard task. Please note that at the end of this cycle you will find yourself in a better climate, a wonderful dream home. This also means that you have will have the sense of family and security that you need to build on the years to come.
Virgo: Saturn transiting your 3rdhouseVirgo will have Saturn in a house that she likes, that is the house of relatives, neighbors, community and city life. We also find here short trips and reading, networking, small scale advertising and any form of communication.  Saturn is a hard dealing planet and now you have this planet in a house that is quite airy and not connected to material things. Saturn now will make you write more, edit or lecture if this is the case (and it must be with many Virgos are very well placed in academic field). If you work in marketing or public and social services Saturn is also helping you to become more aware of the trends in the market. You will be able to get your ideas across and reveal you talent in a new and interesting way. If you want to take some new courses, this is the best time to start and to organize them in a way that will help you in the future. Note that Saturn will place some challenges, but it is also for the better and after this long transit you will feel more secure on the way you handle your speech.
Libra: Saturn transiting your 2ndhouse
The second house for you Libra is the house of money, what you have in a material sense, money you earn, debt, possessions, the value system and personal feeling of self worth. This stage in your life has to be a very practical one. Money will come slow, but steady and you will learn more about how to handle resources. You need to understand what kept you from achieving the results you want and need. Saturn will teach you money management, it is said that you will be at a MBA of finance these years to come. You will learn how to get more value from the money you earn and how to cut waste and find the best way to keep everything in place. Saturn will not give you a rise and you will not have more money at your disposal; you will just learn how to deal better with what you know have. You may as well be having so much trouble with money and learn so much that you will eventually become richer than you have ever dreamt. You will change your habit concerning money and you will see how good this can feel after a period of time. Also note that this will happen very slowly as Saturn is a slow planet. It has great influence, but it gives that influence step by step. You should not hurry either. Organize you money life and things will change for the better.  

Scorpio: Saturn transiting your 1sthouse.The time has come for the most important zodiac sign, as Saturn is transiting Scorpio itself. That means we are in the 1st house, the house of identity, the house of the ascendant and the most important house of them all. We have here the first impression, the self image, the outlook on life, what motivates you, what drives you. Saturn came here as a master and he has a lesson to teach you. He is the taskmaster, but with him you get solid results. He is here because he needs to teach you maturity, responsibility, growth, discipline, seniority. You work hard, prepare for the years to come. You may start something new in your life, start a business, start a new relationship, get married, move in another town, have a baby or have a new very good job. This will be the most important thing in your life and you will build your life from this point on. You will bring beneficial things from this late in 2015. Try to concentrate now and focus on whatever comes your way because it will be big and it will lay the foundation for the next 12 years. Set goals, set priorities and be able to have everything finish in time. It is the most exciting time as you are very busy, Saturn will give you a lot to do and worry about. The energy now is high and you must be the very busy bee. Try not to feel too critical about everyone else that will not be able to keep us with you. Saturn is on your side and that is why you have this special place now.


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