Saturn in Scorpio -Sagittarius,Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Saturn has entered Scorpio on the 5th of October 2012 and will stay there till the 17th of September 2015.

Sagittarius: Saturn transiting your 12thhouse
The 12th house is the house of behind the scene activities or anything that is hidden from the outside view of the world. The house visions some loss of clarity, self indulgent habits, addictive substances and escape from reality. This house is also the house of spiritual inspiration, enlightenment. Saturn in this area helps you work behind closed doors, write, create, imagine, dream with your eyes open, experiment. This is a quite time for you to enjoy yourself and the way you place yourself in the world. If you have a problem you need to go deep and search for that problem to reveal. This is a period of rest. You can concentrate on your health and make sure to have it checked. Saturn sweeps through your life and demands that you take a hard look at what’s been hiding in there. You must solve unsolved problems that you have, you must end cycles and end projects. You will easily face the truth that has been hidden from you and realize what is worth. Saturn will make you end everything that is not necessary and hold on to what is the most important thing. You are introspective at this time and you might isolate yourself. At the end of the cycle you will feel released and free to start new.
Capricorn: Saturn transiting your 11thhouse
The 11th house is the house of friendships, of groups, of associations. Our hopes and dreams are another element of this house. Humanitarian causes, clubs, social organizations, all kinds of large groups of people with an important influence in the world. The last 3 years Saturn helped you in your career and created an important placement for these years to come. Now you have to go back to an important group and give back. You will volunteer, help out a political candidate, you will put all your skills to work and help others in a situation not as fortunate as yours. You might meet some people during this time that will change your life or have a very important impact on your life. Others will play the most important role now and you must find a way to contribute to their happiness. Your innermost personal wishes and dreams will become a part of you through friends and associations to a group. Decide to contribute to the place you live or be a part of something that makes an impact on society. One more thing is that Saturn is your ruler and he is in a very favorable relationship with Pluto, which is in your sign and this is a very good and constructive aspect. You can build a lot on this. You can take charge of your life and you must find a way to let others do the same.

Aquarius: Saturn transiting your 10thhouse. The 10th house is the house of one’s primary career goals; so we have here the career and not the job. We have here reputation, honor, achievement and authority. The 10th house also represents the father, as the 4th house represents the spouse. You must take responsibility and resolve karmic issues. In this placement Saturn will make you work hard, great responsibility will come and Saturn will teach you how to handle such great responsibility. There is method and a lot of control when it comes to Saturn and his great mastery. Saturn will show you that dreams may come true, but only if there is enough hard work in place. Saturn will require sacrifice, concentration, fight, courage and method. It may mean a shift in your career, a new professional chapter will come your way and you will feel it quite powerful. This is nothing to fear because remember Saturn is working very slowly and will never blow our minds as Uranus or Pluto. The very important task now is the commitment as this is what Saturn is all about. If you do chase another career, you must do it very carefully and with lots of courage. You must think out the options and come with a lot of hard work at the meeting. You become (perhaps painfully) aware of what you have and haven’t accomplished to date. Everything is now realistic and it comes to you after some years of work. At this time you must think improvements, development and you will not aspect a solution and a reward overnight. Rewards will come back later. You can go back to school or take a hobby and bring it to a profitable endeavor. Saturn will also give you a mentor or an older person that will guide your way. Accept that because it is the one thing that Saturn gladly offers as a help on what it will pull you through.

Pisces: Saturn transiting your 9thhouse

The 9th house is about improvement, improvement on every aspect of your life. This house is the house of higher learning and continuing education. What is more is that we have here the belief system, your ideas about the world. Long travels and foreign places and people come your way with this transit. It is best to start new education or new target for your life. At the beginning of this cycle you will feel a little skeptical of the new world that is revealing in front of you. But this is only to make you aware that you need to go deeper and to learn new things for the new years to come. Travel will become a very big part of your life or just new people from all over will begin to be part of your life. You may have to learn something new and in a new city, try to go back to university and expand your learning. You may decide to start a new project and write a book or start a new small business; you will work very hard on this project; just remember that you have a teacher in Saturn that will just put you to test. He will also give you the guidance to make things happen. Please be patience and remember that Saturn is a very slow planet. It does the job, but it does it very slowly. Saturn is all about the big accomplishment in life and now it’s your time to have this in the area of your life that relates to improvement.  Saturn is also in a very good aspect with Pluto and this is a beneficial trend for you. Work hard and improve!


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