October’s Full Moon (2)

Full Moon: October 29th 2012 – influences 5 more days to come. 
You can read more if you have your Sun Sign in Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces. Read more about the other 6 sings at October’s Full Moon(1)

Full Moon in October, LibraLibra – This Full Moon in Taurus is all about finance; credit, taxes, inheritance, payouts will come to your full attention. A good amount of money is coming your way now, but be careful as Saturn is also nearby and that means that a lot of work is required for that money to come. You can apply for a loan at this time and just make sure that you take exactly what you need. Also, take into account others in your life and their financial needs when you are ready to make a decision; this Full Moon put its emphasis on others in your life.

Full Moon October ScorpioScorpio – This Full Moon in Taurus is all about relationships, dear Scorpio. We have the Sun in Scorpio, Full Moon in Taurus and Saturn in Scorpio at this time. This is a very good time for love, sharing and why not … commitment. You can get married at this time, or plan your marriage. The focus is on your significant other and the connection is very powerful with this aspect. You may have to take a hard decision and please think this over as it will be very hard for you to untie from any agreement you make at this time. You will feel very emotional at this time.
Full Moon Sagittarius OctoberSagittarius – This Full Moon in Taurus is all about health and daily work, dear Sagittarius. At this time you will quit smoking, start a new health program, go to gym classes and start eating healthier. With Saturn in Scorpio it’s the best time to start to live better and feel better. This Full Moon also creates a new environment at work, probably you are tired and you need more excitement, or you are just tired of your boss, you need to get a new project or start a new business. Venus will be in your work sector and that will give you charisma. Do something to improve your working conditions because the time is now.

Full Moon Capricorn OctoberCapricorn – This Full Moon in Taurus is all about new and happy experiences to you, dear Capricorn. You will be pleasure seeking at this time and you will search fun and friends. It’s a very good aspect to do so. It’s also about finding a new love, if you are single and looking. This Full Moon brings someone new in your life and makes you take a serious decision about love. At the work front you will be less practical and more creative and fun. If you have children, you will be very happy to spend more time with them at this time. Enjoy this Full Moon and find a new love!
Full Moon October AquariusAquarius – For us, Aquarius, Full Moon in Taurus connects us more with our home and family. This Full Moon will oppose Saturn so it will probably a heavy time for us, and just remember that Saturn is in Scorpio. Some long term decisions will weight on us – we should be careful with a woman relative, probably mother that will need special care and attention from us. Also, it can be a good time to make a relocation or some sort of space change. Try to prioritize your family as they need you the most at this time of the year.

Pisces Full Moon October

Pisces – The Full Moon in Taurus sends you in the mundane life: calls, meetings, paperwork, tasks list, documents and contracts. You suddenly need to participate in a big meeting or there is just a tone of paper work to be done. You can write, edit, develop or just communicate more with others. The Full Moon is opposed to Saturn in Scorpio so it means you have heavy work to be done. Detail work will be in focus now and just try to keep up with everything. Do what needs to be done at this time and prepare yourself for more peace and quiet in the weeks to come.


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