Mercury Retrograde for Libra, Scorpio, Sag, Cap, Aq, Pisces

I am so glad the first hectic week of MercuryRetrograde is over and I am sorry for not posting the other six sings earlier; it was just too much to do. As I have told you, Mercury Retrograde is a period when we need to rethink things and slow down, but in the same time Mercury Retrograde means misunderstanding and it takes a lot of time to put the pieces back together and explain what you really mean. Past week’s lesson for me was: we should all go back and see if what we said was really what the others understood. Good communication is everything nowadays. 
Please read below all of you with the Sun sign in: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Please see the other six signs in the post “A highway covered with thick fog”

Also a new quote I love: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

Libra Mercury RetrogradeLibra: This Mercury Retrograde period affects you in terms of financial earnings and travel, communication, and siblings. Take extra care of your financial statement, earned income; it is highly possible that payments will be delayed; bills will not be paid in time. Just try to reason with everybody and expect all kinds of explanations from everybody. Also it is possible the meetings will be postponed, clients will often change their mind and you will just have to be there for everybody. It is best to put off signing checks or contracts, read everything carefully because it the worst can happen with a contract at this time. Try to choose your words carefully and read everything twice. If you can, try to rethink clauses in a deal as it is possible you cannot see the real thing just now. Wait till the 26thof November to see everything with new eyes. Also, please be careful with money spending as it is not a good time to spend or to invest.  And above all, try to communicate as clearly as possible as we all depend of better communication. Read more about MercuryRetrograde.

Scorpio Mercury RetrogradeScorpio: Mercury goes retrograde in the area of your life that has to do with financial earnings and your true self. Actually it goes retrograde in your own sign and this is not good news for you, dear Scorpio. You should take extra care with earnings, checks, payment. Check everything twice and postpone all things related to money as much as you can. As I told you Mercury retrogrades in your own sign and that means you should take extra care in: communication, expressing yourself, body language, mixed signals. Clear up everything you say and be sure everybody is on the same page as you are. You must go slowly in everything you do and do not make radical changes or try to shift something. You will see at the end of this transit things will become clearer for you. Try to avoid or postpone as much as possible taking decision especially if these affect you in a major way. Read more about MercuryRetrograde.

Sagittarius Mercury RetrogradeSagittarius: Mercury goes retrograde in your own sign in the last period and in the area of your life that has to do with intuition, hidden enemies, spiritual inspiration, cosmic consciousness and enlightenment. At first you will feel that your intuition is not going so well. You are a fire sign and a very quick judge of the human character. At this period of time you must be aware of what your intuition is telling you as it will not be entirely true. It is just what you need to hear. Be patient and try to judge less. Also be aware that there are people around you that are not your friends and you will not be able to spot them at this time. Take time to think before you act although I know it’s hard for you. Please be aware that you will feel this retrograde period more than others as it will affect your 1st house. One more thing, clear communication is the key now as you will probably be misunderstood.

Mercury Retrograde Capricorn

Capricorn: Mercury goes retrograde in the areas of your life that have to do with hidden enemies, spiritual inspiration, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment and friendships. This time of the year will not affect you very much and you will probably not be forced to stop and think as other sings. You just have to be very careful of the people you trust now. These people that surround you may be the problem that Mercury is creating for you. As this affects the house of the hidden enemies and of the friendships, you must be very aware of who are these people around you, if they need something from you, if they try to discriminate you. As Mercury Retrogradeaffects everybody and that includes you too in terms of communication; be aware of this in relation to group meetings and arrangements. Also, please be aware of your intuition as it will not be the best time to rely on it.

Mercury Retrograde AquariusAquarius: Mercury goes retrograde in your solar house that has to do with your friendships, acquaintances and career. At first, Mercury will affect us in terms of friendship and we will have a very hard time meeting with friends at this time. It is possible to see old friends or just have old acquaintances around you. Then, the crisis comes when Mercury turns retrograde in our career house. This is why, I, as a true Aquarius, was having so much trouble with everybody at work trying to explain everything a million times. This is what Mercury does to all of us: it affects us in our communication with our peers, bosses, colleagues and almost everybody at work. Try to be calm, explain everything twice and try not to place yourself in the spot light, avoid public speaking and choose your words in a correct manner. Put off making career decisions at this time as they are very unproductive. Avoid singing contracts and think about changing something, but do it after the 26thof November.

Mercury Retrograde PiscesPisces: Mercury goes retrograde in your solar house that has to do with career and higher learning, universities, professors. At first you have to be very careful with what you will say to your boss and extra care should be used when communicating with co-workers. It is not the best time to make a career decision, not the best time to sign a contract; try just to be aware of this because it’s a bad deal if it is signed on Mercury Retrograde. Try to be as a clear communicator as you have ever been as everything that will be said can turn against you. Use short and clear sentences and avoid all higher communication. Try not to speak to a public and delay as much as you can meetings where you have the most important role. Be flexible, as you usually are and try to go with the flow. As I said, we are all in this together and communication will not go well. What we can do is lower the impact as much as possible.

Thanks everybody for reading and have a peaceful Mercury Retrograde !

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