Eclipse on 13th of November for Cancer,Leo,Virgo

Eclipses are tied to changing circumstances and a Total Solar Eclipse occurred on November 13th at 21 degrees of Scorpio. Its effects can be felt up to six months after the actual date of the eclipse. This eclipse is just the beginning of a series of eclipses that will generate change in the next 2 years. Please read below about : Cancer,Leo, Virgo. Please read about Aries, Taurus and Gemini on my first post about the solar eclipse. 

Solar Eclipse

Interesting Fact!

Pyramid Texts: “The eclipse represents the breaking of the Egg and Splitting the Iron.” The iron is the rod, the magnetic poles, north/south, duality of experience created by electromagnetic energy, the aura, needed to create a physical realism and the illusion of linear time.


– dear Cancer, here come happiness, romance and probably children! A solar eclipse opens new ways, new paths and comes with news and this time: very good news. Prepare yourself for news about children, creative projects and romance. Finding the love of your life is on the way and it can happen now or till the next solar eclipse in June 2013. Have an open heart, dear Cancer because things are going your way. It’s what you love about life: children, a big love and creativity and romance! I hope this is good news because if you are in an established relationship, you may get news that you have conceived a baby. Cancers born July 15 plus or minus five days will benefit the most from this eclipse. Also remember that Mercury is Retrogradeand that means that we must slow down, but that is the advice till the November 26th. 


– actually the love of my life is born under this Sun Sign and I feel very close to it. The Sun rules your sign, and that’s why, solar eclipses are especially influential. For you, dear Leos, it’s about home! It’s going to be all about home in all the ways we can think of: buying a house, finding the home of your dreams, parents and your own growing family. A solar eclipse opens new ways and good news about “home”. You may see a breakthrough to solve a home related dilemma that has concerned you. It’s a change of heart, a sudden transformation for the state of affairs of the home. As this eclipse stands in the sky these is a good transformation. You may want a bigger house or you really need a bigger space because your family is bigger now. Slow down now because as you know, we still have Mercury Retrograde at this point and it is not wise to take decisions. After November 26th, you are good to go and find ways to get everything in order and grasp the opportunities surrounding your home. A great song for the Leos: Obladi Oblada by The Beatles! 


– it’s about travel here, mister Virgo! The solar eclipse in Scorpio could cause you to travel quite a bit, not only now, but for future months to come. These trips that you are about to take may involve several things and may be very short. You can go to another city, close to your own city to work on a creative project, to complete a negotiation and work on a contract, to take classes, or to see a honey that lives in another city. Please wait with this till Mercury will go direct on the 26thof November that will be a very good day for you. A solar eclipse initiates a new chapter – it is a start! News and different circumstance change that make you travel more and more. Hope you are ready for news and for travel! This eclipse will set all things in motion, and there will be plenty of room to apply your creativity to the task at hand. Your sister or brother may be on your mind too, now, and you have to help them. 


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