Eclipse on 13th of November for Libra,Scorpio,Sagittarius

Solar Eclipse November 2012A total eclipse of the Sun is nature’s most spectacular and inspiring phenomenon. We have one on the 13th of November 2012 that will affect 6 months from now astrologically speaking. There will be 18 solar eclipses from 1996-2020 for which the eclipse will be total on some part of the Earth’s surface. Please read below about: Libra,Scorpio, Sagittarius . Please read about Aries, Taurus and Gemini in my first post and about Cancer, Leo and Virgo here


– the Solar Total Eclipse from the 13th of November is all about new things and changes and for you, dear Libra is about money! Earned income, salary, circumstance change and you will somehow earn more money. You have here the taskmaster, Saturn that will teach you all there is about making and earning more money. You are a powerful Air Sign and the fact is you usually do not care so much about earnings, well this time is different! You will care about your income more and more and find creative ways to make money. It’s your value in stake here and we all know that your sign is one that appreciates value. This eclipse will bring you an exceptional opportunity to find more income and lower your financial stress. Fight to make this eclipse, that stands beautiful in the sky, by seeking for a raise or negotiating a new salary for a new position in another company. If you are self-employed (it’s a very good aspect for Libra) you may be able to find some new ways to make money or bring a new client! Just try to escape your comfort zone and change your life for the future. As I said, this is an eclipse that will impact 6 months for now and has a great force in the future (2 years time). 


– the Solar Total Eclipse from the 13th of November is all about you, as it falls in your sign. Dear Scorpio, it’s your time of the year and you will have lots of opportunities and be sure to make the best of it. It’s your high time now! The Solar Eclipse is all about new beginnings, about new circumstances, new changes in the environment next to us. This one is a very powerful one and you will certainly feel its effect now and 6 months from now. This eclipse is similar to a push and a new way that we should look at things. We are created from habits and an eclipse is a great way of going out of our comfort zone. You, dear Scorpio are a fixed sign and the idea of change is not the most pleasant one, but you will see that this change is good! You are now moving in a very important new cycle of your life, it’s different, it’s new and it’s going to make a brand new you. Your life is going to have more substance, soul and why not…success! You will feel and be more mature! The changes I am talking about can happen anywhere as the first house is the one that lives the impact. Be ready for shifts in your profession. Be prepared to live more changes than ever and expect great results!


– the Solar Total Eclipse on the 13th of November happens in Scorpio and that means it is really close to you own sign. You will feel it, but it is not going to have a major impact on your life. Eclipses are all about new ways, new circumstances and beginnings and this time for you it’s about looking at the word with different eyes. The house that is now affected by the eclipse is the one that deals with spiritual inspiration, cosmic consciousness and enlightenment. We can also find Saturn, the teacher, here, so you will have more dreams or premonitions than ever. It’s also a possibility to visit a doctor and this is a good time to start a new treatment for something that is messing with you. This house is associated with the mind, so if you have a dependency on a substance that you wish you could end, this eclipse could help you do it. You must be very careful of how you feel about things surrounding you. 


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