HomeDesign for Fire & Air

I have decided to write a funny fact post: it’s about the zodiac sign and its home. I chose some pictures I liked and linked them with traits of each zodiac sign. Please consider them amusing and playful. Enjoy!

Below you can read about the Fire Signs(Aries,Leo,Sagittarius) and the Air Signs(Gemini,Libra,Aquarius):
Aries, the fire sign is very quick and likes to do everything fast. His living room is minimalist and he likes to have a fire nearby. He likes to combine simple colors like red and transparent. They usually end up sleeping in the living room as there is not time for them to rest in the bedroom. They always get up fresh and start new.
Aries Home Design
Leo is the king; never underestimate one… because soon they will invite you in their homes. The home of a Leo is a luxury one; the kind of home where you just stare at the furniture, paintings, windows. Everything is perfectly built together by the artistic mind of the Leo. He adores his home. He takes pride in it and the bed, the music… everything is royal. 
Leo Home Design
Sagittarius is the fire sign that loves to travel. You can see this very easy if you visit their homes. They have souvenirs all over the place, a big map somewhere and a plane ticket on the table in the living room. They always prepare their next trip, so their home is rather minimalist. 
Sagittarius Home Design
Gemini are kids, they are naughty and nice. They need a playground and what better place than home? They have toys all around and they enjoy the little mess around them. They are happy creatures that enjoy blue, transparent, great light and did I mention…toys?
Gemini Home Design
Libra is an Air Sign and as all Air Sign … creativity is on its way. Libra can’t easily decide if she likes the yellow or the blue painting, so Libra creates one with them combined. Libra is the artist of the zodiac, so the place will look a little bit odd for most people; but I can assure you it is adorable.
Libra Home Design
Aquarius is the Air Sign that loves order and this is very unusual for the air signs. Aquarius loves books and he spends his time organizing them. You will find books on the floor, books on the ceiling, books on the table, in the bathroom; you can step on them or just slip on them. They are fond of reading and they will read just about anywhere in the room.
Aquarius Home Design

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