HomeDesign for Water & Earth

This is my funny fact post about Home Design and the Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo) and Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio). Please enjoy!
You can also find out about the Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) and the Fire Signs (Leo,Sagittarius, Aries) here

Taurus is the perfect family guy/girl. Taurus likes wood and his furniture is the best you can find. He likes a good old traditional table where friends can gather. He will also spend his money on the best things he can buy and takes care of every corner of the house.
Taurus Home Design
Virgos are Earth Signs and they are usually very practical. They like Feng Shui and they will assure themselves that everything in their home is maintaining positive energy. They are also a little obsessed with everything being clean and tidy, so they usually hire somebody to do that. Virgo likes order and tradition; you will feel so good in their homes.
Virgo Home Design
Capricorn has a thing about great views. He loves to live at the top floor and see the city from up there. He loves light, so his windows will have a special place in his home. An earth sign, Capricorns are traditional and like wood and high quality furniture. He also chooses a good painting in his home that he is probably very proud of.  
Capricorn Home Design
Cancer people are water signs, they like traditional, they love to come back home and find the best place on earth. They also enjoy having books around, a fine and cozy armchair, good music perhaps. They need a little bit of tradition and very good taste combined. They are messy sometimes, but they love to cuddle in their place.
Cancer Home Design
Pisces is the water sign that likes his house comfortable, cozy, neat and intimate. Pisces are perfectionist that chooses everything in their house. That is why you will find the best oriental carpet in town and one high quality sofa. Pisces can put them all together and create the best environment for family life. They love to have friends over and their place is comfy and soft. A great place to live in!
Pisces Home Design
Scorpio is a water sign and passion and drama are the first words I can think of with him. Scorpio is brutal and sexy, dark and cruel; his home is a great work of art that has the above traits. His favorite place in the house is the bedroom as they are sensual and adore sex. They will buy the best bed lingerie for them and their loved one; best flowers and curtains.
Scorpio Home Design

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