Full Moon – nurture (Leo, Virgo, Libra&Scorpio)

You can find below how the Full Moon in Cancer will affect you: Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio.

Leo, this full moon falling December 28 is your sector that relates to behind-the-scenes or hidden from view activities. You will need to rest or stay away from the world for a little while. You need your solitude and your own special place away from the crowd. You feel the need to take it easy, enjoy just a quiet and beautiful evening and not go on with hurdles that kept you going over the year. This is a very good time to work on your creative projects, enjoy a good book and experiment some new cooking recipe or just stay in bed and get lazy. The Full Moon marks a low point on your health, so try to take care of it as much as you can.
Virgo, this full moon falling December 28 is in your solar chart that relates to friendships and acquaintances. Our personal hopes and wishes is another part of what is now highlighted. There have been some static days in your social life, but now it is time for a new breakthrough. A big, social event will come your way at this time. Please consider that this full moon is influencing plus/minus 5 days from the day it happens (December 28). Some unexpected can happen as Uranus is nearby, but you have to go along with this plan. Try to enjoy the party as much as you can.
Libra, this full moon falling December 28 is in your solar chart that deals with career, fame, reputation, honor and highest achievements. As this full moon is not a very pleasant one, try to keep calm and carry on. The aspects that will be highlighted will be competition at work or a change of plans of what you expected to happen. We have Uranus nearby, so a new, unexpected thing can pop up. You will not feel very satisfied with what is going to happen at work, but try to treat this as calmly as possible because it will fade away. Think about a new and fulfilling year ahead.
Scorpio, this full moon falling December 28 is in your solar chart of higher learning, such as universities, professors, foreign people, places, languages and continuing education programs. This full moon has some hard aspects, but you are not in the spot light. The full moon will be in your long life partner, Cancer and that will be a good thing. This full moon will bring a foreign relationship business or personal, a travel plan, some legal matter that need highlight and needs resolution. It can also mean some academic matter into your schedule and to fullness. Remember full moon is all about completion and fullness. 

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