Aquarius – Exponential Growth 2013

Dear Aquarius, 2013 is the Year of the Black Water Snake and it is one of exponential growth for you. Progress will be made in the area that has to do with fame, reputation, honor and highest achievements. As Saturn is in this area of your chart and he is the most important planet of the Snake year, his influence will be very high. In this placement Saturn will make you work hard, great responsibility will come and Saturn will teach you how to handle such great responsibility. There is method and a lot of control when it comes to Saturn and his great mastery. Saturn will show you that dreams may come true, but only you work hard enough. This being said, 2013 is the year of work, projects and responsibilities. You will have to make decisions, you will have to choose and most likely a higher position is now preparing for you. This is the gift of Saturn in your tenth house, but with great power comes great responsibility and you will definitely feel the weight of it. One other aspect that comes from Saturn is that he gives you power to find creative ways to make money. Note that this will take time and a lot of hours of creative and mastery work as Saturn is free to give you gifts, but he is also prepared for a lot of work and discipline.

Tension is also on your chart for the next year, 2013 as you have a lot of squares. A square brings a lot of tension and a lot of growth in the same time. It provokes you to aim higher and to work harder to achieve your goals. You will have a lot of trouble to face and you will do that with great discipline and always thinking at practical matters. Be prepared for disagreeing with everything around you, but remember that this type of struggle will make you aim higher and higher. This is what it is all about this year.

Jupiter is the planet of good luck, the planet that brings expansion, optimism and prosperity. Jupiter is now in a retrograde motion, but it will turn direct with full speed ahead on the 30th of January. Jupiter is in your solar house that has to do with creativity, children and romance. At this time you are experience some emotional ups and downs that you don’t like at all. Jupiter helps you with your romantic life and makes you very creative when it comes to children and love life. You will also have creative plans for a dream of yours and Jupiter will help you to make it come true. Jupiter will stay in this sector till the 25th of June; from this date on Jupiter will move in Cancer and that means work for you. Jupiter is the planet of happiness and that means a lot of cheerful things will happen for you at the office. New work projects, new job, new friends at work and a chaotic schedule – this is what Jupiter will bring. Jupiter will also keep you extremely healthy.

Uranus, the planet of surprises, invention, independence and wakening is proudly affecting your solar third house, as Uranus is in Aries. In March 2011, Uranus entered Aries and for you that means a period in which communications, Internet, blogs, media, easy learning and connections may be unpredictable, but also exciting. At this time all communication and social networks will be in for a surprise and will be reinventing themselves. Good time to start an online business that gathers a lot of followers.

Pluto is now in Capricorn and that means that it’s time to let go of the past for good. Everything that happened in the past will stay there and Pluto will make sure you are not taking anything with you. It is a very good and new energy that has to flourish now.

In astrology, change is related to an eclipse and in 2013 we have 3 lunar eclipses and 2 solar ones. This is very important as they mark shifts in our lives; but not major ones, just incidental. For you dear Aquarius, the eclipses of 2013 adds extra speed to your career and major changes will take you where you have always dreamt. Get ready to face a lot of recognition and a lot of pride in your work sector. Another zone that comes into focus is home. You will change residence or have a total renovation of your existing domicile.

Have a great year, dear Aquarius!


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