Virgo – Communication 2013

Dear Virgo, this is your general description of the Black Year Snake, 2013. It is a year of communication, city life, the community we live in and our neighbors. Communication, correspondence and courses of new study are of great impact for you this year no matter your work field. Saturn, the taskmaster and the most important planet of the year, is spending his time in the sector of your chart ruling communication. Saturn is a hard dealing planet and now you have this planet in a house that is quite airy and not connected to material things. Saturn now will make you write more, edit or lecture if this is the case (and it must be with many you Virgos out there with a career in academic field). If you work in marketing or social services Company, Saturn will be benefic here because it is helping you to become more aware of the trends in the market. It’s not generally you (as you are very focused and down to earth, not a visionary), but now it is time you learn some things from your co-workers that have a Sun Sign in Gemini or Aquarius and you too will be able to see the future and be ahead of times. Internet and media will be a great help and try to learn everything there is to know about this because you will need it. Note that Saturn will be here till the 17th of September 2015 and will place some challenges, but it is also for the better and after this long transit you will feel more secure on everything that has to do with communication and media.

Also note that we have this year 2 eclipses that will be placed in your solar house of communication. One lunar eclipse, on the 25th of April and one solar eclipse on the 3rd of November will affect your short trips and reading, networking, small scale advertising. This part of your life is about to take a major shift this year, you are learning something new or you are just coping with everything the outside environment has to offer nowadays. Either way, take care of the way you spread the word because shifting paradigms are in.

Jupiter is the planet of good luck, the planet that brings expansion, blessings, optimism and prosperity. Jupiter is now in a retrograde motion, but it will turn direct with full speed ahead on the 30th of January. Jupiter is in your solar house that has to do with promise and recognition, the career zone. Prepare to push all of your projects during the first half of the year while you have the support of Jupiter. Jupiter will send good signs, optimism and growth and will place you in the limelight. You must work hard and prepare for business expansion. The key to your success lies in the power of the spoken and written word in 2013. This is the year for delivering your message to the world, so make sure that each and every word is clear. This period will be over when Jupiter will change sings and goes to Cancer, on the 25th of June 2013. For you it goes to your friendship zone, networking and associations. Try to join as volunteer at a group or just do some things for the social group where you spend most of your time. With more contact with others, whether it’s about expanded connections or online, you can come up with new ideas and to be inspired. This is also a good time to be ready to meet amazing folks who will remain in your life for years to come. Forming friendships at this time has a very good impact on the quality of your life. This cycle will be with you till July 2014.

In March 2011, Uranus, the planet of surprises, invention, independence and awakening has entered Aries. For you, dear Virgo means you have entered a lengthy cycle in which your intimate world and shared resources can be unpredictable and unusual, but also inspiring. There can be some experimentation in your relationships for some of you.

Have a great year, dear Virgo!


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