You can read below about the influence of Mercury, Mars and the Sun in Aquarius if you have a Sun Sign in Aquarius, Pisces or Aries ! Enjoy!

Aquarius – it’s your time to shine! The Sun is now in your sign and illuminates you, your personality, the way you see yourself, the way others see you. What you need and what you want is the most important thing now. The Sun will be lightening your life now. Mercury in your solar first house, you are most inclined to speak up about matters that you previously were not so able to. Your disposition is more intellectual now and self-expression comes easily. You are sharper now and you are able to be a life observant. You will start debates and you will feel very good about that.  Try not to relax at this time as all these planets come and give you a helping hand. With Mercury, you will use your powers to attract through your words and what you say or write. You may travel light and Mercury will guide your way to make a good one. It may be a business travel. Mars is helping you for some time now and will still do that making you very intelligent now and if you have a writing / editing / Internet / social networking, you will convey thoughts in an especially effective way. Mars will give you a lot of energy to put in your everyday life projects.  Mars in Aquarius will make you less tolerant and more active than usual. You will have an incredible pace and people around you won’t keep up! You will feel the power to attract all challenges, and seeing just how far you can push. Shine on!

Pisces – it’s your time to prepare dear Pisces as all these planets in Aquarius now will soon be at your door step. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in your solar 12 house of preparation, of the past and of the private matters. You’re searching behind the curtain and examining the past for answers. This is a good time for research and meditation. Examining the past in order to improve the future is certainly worthwhile, as long as you don’t waste your energy on guilt. Learn a good lesson from the past in the time you have left. As very soon you will be in the spot light and everything will be out in the open for you. Mercury in Aquarius can turn you in a bit of a painter or a photographer as all visual art is highlighted. Creative endeavors in this area could prosper now. You are likely to require a certain amount of solitude in order to get your thoughts together or to be mentally productive. A charity or humanitarian project may appeal to you now, and if so, you will roll up your sleeves to help, thanks to Mars in Aquarius. For the time being, take some time for rest and give your ego a break. It’s not the time to push ahead with new projects. Rather, it’s a time of reflection, dreaming and recharging your batteries. Endings of natural cycles may be part of the picture at this time of year.

Aries – it’s your time to spend time with friends and be happy about it. Aquarius is an air sign and you are a fire sign. These 2 go together very well and that is why you have happiness all over. The Sun illuminates friendships and dreams coming true this month. It’s the most sociable sector of your chart, and that’s exactly how you are feeling–happy, light-hearted and social. With Mercury in Aquarius your mind is alert and bright. You are very active during this period and you can come up with great ideas. You love to share your thoughts with others and have inventive ideas now. Others tend to love a conversation with you. You can now do a lot of thinking about your plans for the future. With Mars in Aquarius, you take a more direct approach to realizing your dreams, rather than simply hoping and wishing. You might find that you have more energy and enthusiasm for spending time with others and you will do that. You will go out and have fun with your friends now. This is what makes you extremely happy. You can be especially effective at encouraging others now and you will be very busy at work. You are very good at leading others and this is the time to do it.  

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