The Sun, Mercury and Mars are now all in Aquarius. You can read here about this transit and about how long will this last. You can read below about how this will influence you, if you have a Sun Sign in Leo, Virgo or Libra.
Leo – You have to prepare yourself for a time when all attention has to be on the loved one. You need a partner, you need somebody by your side and that is what makes you really happy. I know that you are a person that needs attention and care and people to praise you and love you, but now with all these planets in your opposite sign, Aquarius, it’s just the other way around. You will have to take care, to praise, to give attention and to love. The Sun will be there and will make you want to be a better partner. Circumstances are such that your diplomacy skills are required. Mercury is also in Aquarius and that means that you put much effort in communicating with the loved one. You have a strong desire to cooperate and communicate. You feel most comfortable spending time with people on a one-to-one level. You can use the power of words to advise others. Mars is also in Aquarius and this means attracting a possible conflict with a loved one. Mars here also means sexuality and desire for the loved one. There can be competitiveness in your life now, but you will be up to it. Take care of your relation and your loved one and admit that this is the most important thing for you now.  

Virgo – You have a pile of things to do at this begging of the year. The Sun illuminates your chores and routine work. During this cycle, you take more pride in the work you do and in your health routines than any other time of the year. As you are a practical person and you love to work and enjoy the busy bee program, you will love this time of the year. New chores will come, new tasks and most important, new deadlines! This is a good time to get organized and to attend to your health. It’s a great time to make improvements to your regular routines. The goal now is on time and on specs! You need to put everything in order! Mercury is in Aquarius and this means that you will do a lot of to-do lists, scheduling check-ups or busy researching ways to improve your daily work and your health. Mercury feels very well here and he will help you. Your approach to work during this cycle is pleasant and logical. You can present yourself to work as a new, very organized person. There is likely to be more contact and communications with co-workers now. Mars in the same part of your chart brings all the good vibes and the good energy to get things going. You will be active and have a lot of sparkle at work. Be careful as Mars can also bring some conflict on your work zone and this is not something you know how to handle. Be as diplomatic as you can at this time.

Libra – this is a time when you can be yourself as your fellow sign Aquarius has all these planets with it: the Sun, Mercury and Mars. You can be creative and playful, think about your children, be with them, play with them or just hang around them. You search for freedom and self expression, for happiness through your creative hobby. Show off your best colors! You need others to notice you and to help you discover the best part of you: the creative one! The “inner child” will come out and play. You are now an adorable partner and your husband/wife/lover will just love that about you. Mercury will help you put all this creative work in writing or on the Internet for others to know about it. Your thinking is more creative than usual. You tend to entertain others with your conversation and your sense of humor. We are all glad if you we have a Libra next to us as it’s going to be very pleasant atmosphere. You will also enjoy mental games and intellectual conversation. Mars will bring the energy for you to be more active in your romantic, creative life. You need a lot of energy if you want to keep up with kids, so this is what Mars offers at this time.  You are more willing to take little risks and you are competitive in a mostly friendly way. Also, please pay attention with all this going on in this house you may conceive a baby at this time. Both January and February are good months if you want this. 

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