The Sun, Mercury and Mars are now all in Aquarius. You can read here about this transit and about how long will this last. You can read below about how this will influence you, if you have a Sun Sign in Scorpio,Sagittarius or Capricorn.

Scorpio – Home will be at this time the center of your attention. Your family, home, property concerns come into focus and become a source of your pride. The Sun is here and you also have Mercury, the messenger and Mars, the warrior. And that means a lot is happening here. As you are the star of the zodiac this year and a lot of changes are coming your way, this is how the year starts: with all these planets on the home sector! This is a time to do what you can to build trust in your family life and a strong foundation within yourself as this is just the beginning of the year. You must have the secure home sector ready to stand by your side. The focus should be on cultivating your inner foundations that support you and your growth. You love mental work and solitude, so Mercury is here to help you with both. While Mercury is in Aquarius you will need a lot of work on the home front. This will require patience and diplomatic communication skills. You might particularly enjoy discussions about your early life, the past, or family matters during this cycle. You might also take home work or find that people drop by your home more often than usual. More energy and enthusiasm is brought to your home life through Mars in Aquarius, but there can also be a tendency to start trouble. You should take the lead at home, but do this in a diplomatic way.

Sagittarius – The communication sector is full with planets for you. You have the Sun here that creates light and emphasis on the way you speak, the way you write, the way you market anything you do. The ability to express and communicate your ideas is extremely important to you at this time. Social interaction is emphasized during this period, and is for the most part light-hearted. You are very curious at this time and you could be quite busy with paperwork, phone calls, emails and light socializing. You love that about life, so you will be in good shape. The downside is that you are not going to be focused on what is that you need to accomplish as everything will be popping up in the last minute. Mercury is right at home in this house and offers a natural curiosity and the ability to multi-task. It’s an ideal time to pick up information from your environment and the people in it. You need to travel light on short distance, you need to find some partner on the way, connect with all your friends and learn about anything. You are a bit hectic with all this going on. This is a very good time to start a business in social media as you will be on top of things if you do. It’s a strong time for putting your energy into communication projects as Mars is in Aquarius. You may find it too easy to become impatient with others if they seem to bother you with their stories.

Capricorn – in January you have been in the spot light and now it’s your turn to find out the results. Now all these planets: the Sun, Mercury and Mars are in your income sector. You must and have to think about money. This is the time of year when personal finances and possessions receive maximum attention. Venus is still in your sign, so you are blessed here and helped by the goddess. All you own comes in focus now as the Sun takes care of that. You can take your ideas to the bank, you can loan some money or just control your spending better. With the Sun in your personal worth it can be possible for you to make all kinds of purchase that you do not need. Try to see if this is really what you need now. Mercury in Aquarius will lead to money talk and money strategy. This is a very good time to look for money making ideas! Financial gain may come through communications, Internet, social media and client work. With Mars in Aquarius, you tend to put more effort into making money than in anything else. Or you just want to make your life more comfortable and secure during this cycle. Your strong desire to be financially independent could lead to many positive things. 

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