4 Planets in Pisces

Hello everybody!

I hope the Sun is shining where you are. I have spent time away from my blog as I had to take some exams. I have been going through a stressful time with work and Law School. I had Mars and Venus in my sign (I am a proud Aquarius) and that helped me get by. This particular start of the year was great as it had all planets in direct movement. This was a time to step forward, to work hard, to create, to learn and to start projects of any kind. This was a foundation start and I hope everything will be built on it. All the planets direct also creates chaotic work environment and extreme business. And for me, this was the case. 

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Now, the period that we just entered is a rather unusual one. The planets in the sky are aligned in a very curios way: 4 planets are in Pisces. Pisces is the last of the astrological sign. He is wise and creative and calm.

  • The Sun entered Pisces on the 18th of February and it will stay here until the 20th of March. We will all feel peaceful, calm, slowing down, preparing for battle, thinking, analyzing, creating the big master plan in the dark and hiding from the spot light. Our minds will be concentrated inward, the feelings that we have are very important now. Remember that this is the Sign that can master Emotional Intelligence-the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others and of groups.
  • Mercury, the messenger, the communicator entered Pisces on the 5th of February and it will be here till the 13th of April. Communication will NOT be very clear at this time. We will feel extra sensitive here, psychic even. Everything will seem hyper-real. We will notice things we had overlooked before. Mercury is also on a retrograde motion from the 23rd of February, so this gives more confusion to communication. Beware of what you say and try to be as clear as possible. Relationships will have a hard time with this. Try to understand and do not make plans or start a new project or sign a contract or any piece of paper. With Mercury Retrograde in Pisces there are things in hiding, things that are not on the surface and that will be hiding till the 13th of April.
  • Mars, the power planet, the warrior is also in Pisces and will be here till the 12th of March. We tend to feel less motivated to go after traditional goals and more motivated to pursue spiritual drives during this cycle. We don’t fight for what we want during this period of time, we are diplomats and we think in win-win terms. I see it as a good aspect as conflict is not welcomed. This will happen when Mars will hit Aries. Right now, we are trying to see the conflict as a way to build something. We see separate opinions on things and accept the other’s point of view.
  • Neptune is a slow moving planet and it has entered Pisces in 2012 and will be here almost 14 years. This is a very good transit as Neptune is at home in Pisces giving creativity a boost. This will not affect day to day lives as it is aiming for higher purposes. Dreams and higher goals may come true with this aspect and religion will play a very important role in the way politics and business combine. The negative aspect of this transit is that it creates illusion and it shows a world that it is not there yet. We just project something in our minds, but that world is not here yet and when it will come, it will probably take another shape.

Thank you for stopping by! You can read in my next post about how this curios transit affects you, by your Sun Sign.


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