Sun Signs: 4 Planets in Pisces

Pisces – you are the star of the zodiac and I hope all Pisces feel this as it has been a long time since all these great planets are aligned in such way. 2013 will be very benefic for Water Signs in one way or another. Don’t expect major things, but the substance will be here and it will guide you for your destiny. I believe all of us have a path – you just have to find it and walk on it. You will find just that – a path, probably different from the one you are walking now. As I have said, in my previous post, Neptune is here for you. He will create the path, but you will have to do the walking. Now, as the planets are aligned, you can begin the walking. Mars creates the goal, the target and it helps you see it in your mind. You have to see the goal before you can actually do it. Imagine yourself with your dream coming true. Communication will not be in a very good aspect as Mercury is in retro movement; still you own this kind of non conventional communication. So, it’s still good. You have the Sun in your sign, so you have Opportunity. You just have to understand that and size it. You will probably expect business and working, but this time opportunity and chance comes in another form. Try to grasp it as it is. Watch for what is hidden; listen to your inner voice and shine! 

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Aquarius – resources and self esteem are main issues now for you. As an Aquarius, you do not care so much of the outside world and you are not very interested in what is your value. You don’t do it for the money, you do it because you enjoy it and that is it. Oh..and you do it as long as you love it and not a minute more. Now, it is exactly the opposite. You must see value, how much you are worth, what you have and how will you be using all that. It’s about YOUR resources. Also, at this time you doubt yourself. You don’t see yourself as capable of going on the path that is in front of you. You don’t see this happening with the resources that you have now. Mercury is probably blocking your way here as Mars and the Sun and soon Venus will bring opportunity and a lot of resources. Open your eyes and take them and use them in your best interest. Ask for people to recognize your value as I am telling you it’s there. You can read about the transit here.

Capricorn – the influence here is related to the people in your life. With Mercury Retrograde, you may feel lonely and not connected to the outside world. It is like you can’t create contact with anyone, even if you want that very much. This is what all these planets in Pisces do for you as you are a grounded person and you like clear facts about everything. Now, we are in a pleasant fog and you are a little bit lost. Try to be flexible about all this and understand that sometimes you just need some time on your own. Still, if you need to be in contact with other people, try to create a bond through honesty and openness. See where you stand with other people, be happy if you find friends and be careful if you find enemies. This is a very good time to see what kind of relationship you have and with whom. Some words for you from Antoine de Saint-Exupery: “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.” You can read about the transit here

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Sagittarius – the influence here is on your family life. It is probably going to be a period of desired contact with family and roots, but with no actual results. Mercury, the messenger, being retrograde creates confusion and misleading in communication and to you it’s especially on the family front of battle. Take extra care when it comes to real estate, housing, brothers or sisters and be as non-judgmental as you can with family members. It may be challenging to keep a healthy perspective regarding these matters. Don’t try something new now and be as neutral as possible. Mars is also helping you in this matter of not creating or starting a fight at home. The Sun is here so you will find yourself thinking a lot at plans for your home and what you want to do, but try to keep in mind the Pisces attitude and do not rush into anything and do not start something new. You can read about the transit here.

Scorpio – this is one of my favorite signs of the zodiac – power and sexuality and now facing all these planets in Pisces, your brother water sign. This is a very good aspect for you and it will reveal what you want to experience and create; what you want to do just for the love of doing it. The Sun is here and it will enhance this part of your life – the pleasure, the creativity, what you love to do, the child in you. The negative side of this is that Mercury is also here and will not let you go out in the world with this. Mercury will force you to stay indoors and enjoy something there. You may be thinking about how you will be perceived by the outside world if they would find out about what you love. This is an issue that happens only in your head and it is not real. This is what Mercury does when he is retrograde in Pisces. It’s also not the best time to launch a new creative project, but it’s a good time for reworking an existing one. Same goes for romance! You can read about the transit here

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Libra – you are the sign that brings people together. As an Air Sign, you are quick to learn and understand and see opportunities and don’t like much analysis and thinking. People usually see an informal leader in you. At this time, you can be very busy and have to work on all different schedules to finish what you have to do. The Sun is now in Pisces, the water sign, and it is telling you to slow down a little bit and take care of yourself. You must think clear and work fast if you want to accomplish all your goals. What is more is that Mercury is retrograde and that puts you in a rather difficult position. You have a tone of work to do and the communication is bad and slow. Try to rethink this over and find solutions for this non communication period. You are being called to solve some problems and you can only do that with some analytical thinking. You might find that the refinements you make now will be very valuable later. Double-check your work before submitting it. You can read about the transit here.

Virgo – you don’t like to be in the spot light and you hate people pointing fingers at you. This is a very good time for you as the main thing you need to focus upon is your partner, your love life, your business contacts. The Sun and Mars is in Pisces and that means that the light and the fight will happen at a partnership level. Look back at what this partner has been doing for you and how you felt in the relation and you will come up with some answers about it. (Pisces is a Water sign and water signs are prone to feelings). Mercury retrograde in the sign of Pisces brings confusion in communication with a partner, so be as non-judgmental as you can with a partner. There may be the need to revisit old issues in a partnership. An ex-partner may resurface during this cycle. Misunderstandings with your partner now can do some damage if you (or you partner) focus on the words instead of the meanings behind the words. Mercury in Pisces brings a lot to the non verbal communication, so try that! Read more about this transit here

Leo – you are the Fire Sign that keeps his head above the water at all times. Now, with all these planets in a water sign you must be very careful and you must keep going above water. There are 2 possible ways for you now: you either reinvent yourself, start investing in you and your future, create opportunities for yourself, be part of the big project awaiting or you just avoid all these things coming towards you and keep calm until this phase passes by. Whatever path you choose at this time, it’s not going to be easy for you. I hope you choose the first one. The Sun and Mars are there for you and build the foundation for this project to start. Neptune is here also and it will give you the power to innovate to keep up. This project can mean more money from the outside, money that must be returned, money that will help you continue this project. Be careful of Mercury retrograde in Pisces that must make you think a lot about how and why and how much you need to invest. It’s an excellent period for review. It would be wise to be especially clear when it comes to communicating financial problems. Read more about this transit here.

Cancer– you are the sweet and kind water sign that blends so well with Pisces, also a Water Sign. All these planets aligned in Pisces will mark your feelings. You are now hiding some feelings from the world or you may have some feelings that you don’t admit. You keep all this locked inside now, but later this year you will be ready to get out in the spot light and love, shine and be happy. You are ready for a new venture that will last one year with Jupiter in your sign. You need to accomplish this change and for that to happen you need to analyze, to think and probably you will need to take a long trip. This long trip will be very beneficial for you as it will guide you through the changes that will occur. You may not be aware of all this, but this is coming either way. Also, be careful with Mercury is retro movement in Pisces, meaning communication will be down and confusing. Check any appointments before you go to be sure they are still on the agenda and organize everything to every detail. Read more about this transit here

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Gemini – you are living this moment to the fullest as all the planets I was talking about are in your profession house. This brings a lot of movement, changes, news and projects to your career. The Sun is here and Mars is here, soon Venus will join forces and this means the way for you is open. You have power from Mars and good luck soon from Venus. The Sun brings the light you need to see the road ahead. It’s a good time for you to think and analyze work environment, you will probably win some competition of some sort. Take care with Mercury that is going retrograde and don’t put everything on paper just now. Take your time to read the contract or all the tasks you need to so now before singing or before appearing in public. You may find that communications with bosses and co-workers and can be tricky during this cycle. Remember Mercury is a communicator and you are very close to it. A very good idea is to re-thinking matters regarding your life path. This is the time to do it. Do not rush into changes, because Mercury in Pisces is illusion and misleading you. Read more about this transit here.

Taurus – it’s the time of the month when many people are available to you. Right now all these people around you are like resources that you can use for a very good cause. You are ready or are already part of some kind of group that is really beneficial to you. These “friends” are ready to stand by your side and see your best interest. The Sun, Mars and soon Venus are all in Pisces and that is why group associations and friends are things that connect to you. It’s highly probable that you will go out dancing, get together with lots of people and you will enjoy the company of others very much. As we are in Pisces land of promise feelings and dreams will also be highlighted. You will be able to see your main goal in a dream or interpret some kind of symbol. You are usually very grounded, but just this once let go of your own inner self and find faith and dreams coming true. Mercury is also in Pisces and it will be in a retro movement till the march, 17th. It is possible to make bad decisions under these phases that have to be redone later. For this reason, do not sign contracts during this phase. It is also a dreadful time to buy electronic items. Read more about this cycle here.

Aries – you are the zodiac sign with the most confidence and with most of the bravery on earth. Now, with all these planets aligned in Pisces it seems that you lack some confidence and that is not particular the best time for you. What you have to do now is analyze and think about how you lost this confidence of yours. Probably you saw that most of the times, the outcome was not anything you have expected. The Sun and Mars in Pisces teach you that you must make peace with the uncertainty of the outcome to bear more confidence. I have recently read something very nice related to confidence: “A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.” David Brinkley The advice is to connect with your inner self and see how strong you really are. Be ready for the next step because here comes spring and you are next on the list as a star. Be careful with the Mercury retro movement that will last till March, 17th. This is a time when certain number of postponements and cancellations inevitably will come up. Stay flexible!

Thank you for reading !

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