Retro Saturn(Feb – Jul) – Slow Down, Master!

We had Saturn in Libra for almost 2 years now and that affected all kinds of relationships, like business or personal ones. Libra is the planet of relationships and when a planet like Saturn is visiting; it becomes a little harder to form or to stay in a relationship.

Saturn has entered Scorpio on the 5th of October 2012 and will stay there till the 17th of September 2015. Violent crime will increase and that will only lead to stricter gun controls. Legislation will change and it will be much stricter. Mental health issues will enhance. Also, we may find violent anger and rebelliousness amongst the teenagers.

Now, Saturn in Scorpio is retrograde on February 18 until July 8. Retrograde motion is when it APPEARS as though a planet is actually moving in a backward motion due to the relation of the planet to the earth in its particular position at a certain point in time. The Sun is casting a shadow on Saturn making it appear as though it has slowed down to the point of moving backward. You can read below about how this retrograde period influences you by Sun Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo,Virgo,Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,Aquarius, Pisces


Slow down on money issues and sex and intimacy. Expect no major changes till July and just enjoy some moments of peace. Saturn doesn’t have the power to teach you anything right now. He is generally slow and now in retrograde motion means that things can stay just the way they are. It’s not a very good period to think and organize your resources. Look after your money. It is best to come back to your bank accounts or your loans to see if you can better manage money there. When it comes to money, innocence is never bliss. Stick to projects you are working on now, rather than thinking about changing anything in your life.


Saturn is in the sector that has to do with marriage, other people, and business partners, someone that can take you to court and file a lawsuit. At this time, try to settle, don’t go to trial. Just hold on and do not get married as this will not be a very healthy and good marriage. Same thing can happen in a business alliance. Don’t start a new business venture at this time as it’s sure not going to be a very profitable one with Master Saturn going backwards. The business partner will ask for more and more appreciation from your part. Attention he may not need it.


Saturn is now in the house of work, employees, co-workers, everyday chores and daily routine, also diet, attitude towards food. I don’t have good news here as you probably need to hire new people and you don’t find them, you need a lot of help and nobody seems to listen to you. You may have this health problem that does not go away and you don’t know what to do. Don’t try hard as Saturn is here to make everything go as slow as possible. Even if you eat right, sleep right, change your habits for a healthier and better life this will not mean better health.


Saturn is the house of creativity which allows you to be recognized as successful; it is the house of the inner child, hobbies, play, recreation and financial speculation; also the area of love and romance. I suggest no speculation and try not to be creative because you will find yourself in a trap. With Saturn in Scorpio at its full power, direct you were very innovative, but now nothing seems to fit. Your love life will stagnate and love will not be getting serious. You are probably having a baby and this is a very good to settle down for a moment and enjoy this period of your life. No new responsibilities will come your way and everything will just freeze for a moment.


Property concern, real estate, domestic issues, family in general is the main focus at this Saturn cycle. This is the time for emotional stability that we all search for, and this is the house of foundation and why we are able to cope with everyday stress. Slow down now and do not prospect the market for a new house, do not prepare a loan for a house or buy a house. Stay away from renovation projects now. No hard work is required and you can just enjoy some moments of rest as the real fun starts in July when Saturn goes direct again.


You will have Saturn in a house that you like, that is the house of relatives, neighbors, community and city life. We also find here short trips and reading, networking, small scale advertising and any form of communication. Rest, do not advertize and stay away as much as you can from short trips. This is just a time to end something, move, go away from the city and stay in a quiet place till July. In July Saturn will turn direct and the fun will begin again. Saturn retro will put all the writing tasks in a desk far, far away from you. If you work in marketing or related services, you felt as if you know and feel the market. This is not the case anymore. Oh, and do not give any speech at this time.


Saturn is for you Libra is the house of money, what you have in a material sense, money you earn, debt, possessions, the value system and personal feeling of self worth. This stage in your life has to be a very practical one. Money will come slow, but steady and you will learn more about how to handle resources. With Saturn in Retro motion, things will just stop for a moment. You will be at peace with yourself and money may be held up that you anticipated receiving, and it may not come until after Saturn goes direct July 8. To deal with this, you may have to build a financial contingency plan to help you bridge those months. If you are employed, you may find that it’s harder to get a raise and probably the company were you work is not at its highest either. Don’t expect much right now and just keep calm and wait for better days.


The time has come for the most important zodiac sign, as Saturn is transiting Scorpio itself. That means we are in the 1st house, the house of identity, the house of the ascendant and the most important house of them all. We have here the first impression, the self image, the outlook on life, what motivates you, what drives you. Saturn is here to teach a lesson, a lesson of maturity and responsibility. With this retro motion, you will finally have some peace for yourself. You probably have some goals now in your life and Saturn makes you follow them thoroughly, but now it’s time to let go for a moment and enjoy other things. Relax, book a short vacation, prepare your soul for July when Saturn will turn direct. Don’t sign contracts at this time and don’t change things.


Saturn is highlighting anything that is hidden from the outside view of the world. The house visions some loss of clarity, self indulgent habits, addictive substances and escape from reality. This house is also the house of spiritual inspiration, enlightenment. From October, Saturn helped you work behind closed doors, write, create and dream with your eyes open. Now, Saturn is at its best here as it offers you relaxation and rest. When in retro motion, it means you have to get up and sum up. Think about what happened behind the scenes till now. We all know you are preparing something. You have to realize what is worth. Saturn will make you end everything that is not necessary and hold on to what is the most important thing. At this time, try to analyze and find out what you need to end and what you have to hold on to.


Saturn is your guardian. It is now in the house of friendships, of groups, of associations. Our hopes and dreams are another element of this house. Humanitarian causes, clubs, social organizations, all kinds of large groups of people with an important influence in the world. Saturn is retrograde and that means all your big and beautiful plans must stop. Don’t worry, this is a way Universe tells us we need our share of break. Stay inside for a while and just enjoy a good book or an Oscar movie. I know you want to push forward, but this is not the time to do that. Create a safe environment t for yourself and forget about all these friends that always ask for help. They will be able to live without you just a little. Relax, slow down and enjoy this time because things will go back to normal in July.


For me, Saturn, is transiting the career house, the reputation, honors, achievement and authority. In this placement Saturn will make you work hard, great responsibility will come and Saturn will teach you how to handle such great responsibility. This period started in October and it means a lot of hard work for all of us Aquarius. Saturn is now retrograde and that means we should slow down and see if we are going in the right direction with all these projects going on. See if we can handle the pressure and the stress that is involved. This period is a very good one because It makes us think a lot about what we really want to achieve in life and if that something is really worth it. This is also about big delays and about waiting time. You have to be patient till July when things will go on to be just the way you left them in February.


Saturn is affecting you in the house of improvement on every aspect of your life, higher learning and continuing education. What is more is that we have here the belief system, your ideas about the world. Long travels and foreign places and people come your way with this transit. You have probably started something new in your life, something big, or better said something that is growing day by day. This is the preparation stage and you will be at your best with this project in about 3 years to come (it was supposed to happen in late October 2012). Right now, you must see that this is a good thing, analyze, see what you need to change to make it work. Saturn is not helping at all so don’t try to change something, just see where you are in the process. Also, try to relax and see things from a bigger perspective.


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