Stellium and New Moon in Pisces


Pisces by Cristina Creanga

I have this profound admiration for a song from Queen – it’s called “The Miracle”. At the end of the song it goes like this:”That Time will come one day you’ll see when we can all be friends”
This is how I would describe this fantastic time we are living. With the stellium in Pisces, 6 planets all together in the sign of the alpha and the omega we are going to find a way to change our lives for the better. It’s not going to be an easy task as Mercury is Retrograde and Saturn is also Retrograde, but this is a beginning of something very big. The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune are all in Pisces and let me tell you that this is something extremely rare in astrology.

On the 11th of March we also have a new moon in Pisces, this is the last new moon of the astrological year and its importance is highlighted by all these planets in Pisces. Pisces is a symbol that defies rational. People born under this sign are usually: the achiever or the activist or the artist. Pisces marks the culmination of our seasonal year and the culmination of human experience. They usually change the world and that is why we love and respect them very much. They love to achieve excellence in everything.

So, this Monday, the Pisces New Moon cycle begins. The New Moon in Pisces is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies. These include taking a leap of faith, starting a project that requires imagination and visualization skills, consciously putting time aside for peaceful activities, and sharing a dream, life, love with someone. Make those changes in your life. This New Moon is especially creative. While we are likely to feel very inspired, please check into reality from time to time.

The illustration in this post is created by my lovely friend Cristina Creanga who envisioned the zodiac sign Pisces. When you click on the picture or here you will be able to see other illustrations signed by Cristina.


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