When Taurus meets Pisces

On the 28th of April myLittleAstrology celebrated Penelope Cruz, a beautiful Taurus woman. I searched the internet and found the most adorable pictures with her and Javier Bardem, her lover and the father of their 2 children. This gave me the idea to write a post about 2 adorable signs and the compatibility between them.

When you put a Taurus near a Pisces… this is what I call a BIG LOVE. The sparkle is there, the light is there, water is there from the Pisces side and earth from the Taurus side. These 2 are karmic together! Pisces is the idealist, dreamy, compassionate and Taurus is earthy, stable, secure and homey. They both seek stability and harmony; they are both related to their homes and families. They have strong ties to their background and share stories about their big families.

Pisces has so many dreams and Taurus is here to make them happen; Pisces longs for security and Taurus is going to put all plans to paper and make security happen. Pisces is going to bring magic to the relationship. You each understand the other well, and have strengths in areas the other lacks. These 2 can have the best of marriages.

They are both hopelessly romantic and share everything together. They both love art, theater, art in many forms. Taurus appreciates art and Pisces is feeling it.

Look how these 2 love each other, how they complete and match each other:


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