The Cancer Postcard


Cancer Postcard
Copyright (c) myLittleAstrology

I’ve been walking around the center of Bucharest and I found these crazy nice postcards with zodiac signs. I bought them all 12 in a blink of an eye. They are all done by somebody called D.Rosu. I loved them. I will place them all 12 when the time comes.  As the Sun is now in Cancer, see the Cancer one!

Main Cancer things according to the postcard:

  • Water Sign
  • Planet: The Moon
  • Lucky Numbers: 3 and 8
  • Lucky Day: Monday
  • Element: Silver
  • Verb: to feel
  • Characteristics: family oriented, sensible, delicate, sentimental, dreamy, emotional, moody,dogmatic

5 thoughts on “The Cancer Postcard

    • Hello Astrologykarma!

      Thanks for the comment and I am glad this is YOU. I have a Cancer Rising and I feel this too.


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