2014: A ride till destination


Horse Year
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The time has come to wave good bye to the steady, slow, good year of the Snake. 2013 was the Water Black Snake Year and they told us that it was going to be quite, slow, soft and passive, no changes and a lot of hard work. For me this was a good year – I loved the slow and steady part. 2013 was a year that stimulated projects that require attention to detail, focus, methodic ways and a lot of discipline. I also had a lot of hard work, but no major changes. I hope you had a good year and you are now ready for a new, bright and exciting one. Read here about the last year.

We are now welcoming the New Year, the year of the Horse. It starts from the 31st of January, 2014 and lasts till the 18th of February, 2015.  At the start of this year, the Sun and Moon will be in Aquarius. That will bring a very strong and lively energy. Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good charm will make an opposition with Pluto and that means that everybody will need to work harder and harder to keep a relationship going, and that is any relation. This aspect at the start of the year can also bring fanatical and secret love affairs for everybody. This is quite a start.

2014 it is said to be a year of relations, a year where we create and work for them or we just get rid of the hard types. Venus and Mars are retrograde at the start of the year and that is why we have to be careful in anything we do in our relations. Love is not in the equation, it is all about relations that need compromise, search, letting go of oneself, bringing together people that have the same spirit.

2014 is the Year of Green Male Wood Horse. Last year we had Water and this year we have Wood. Dark colors (dark blue, dark green and black) were lucky in 2013 and now we have happy green as the chosen colour.  We had slow energy flowing last year. 2014 is fast, crazy and energy can be the word of the year. Horse is usually seen as providing a good and quick transportation for people. Horse can and will bring people a ride till the destination. So, the horse is a symbol of travelling and a sign of success. Horses love competition and running, loves fast victories and adventure, fast love and secret romance. Decisive action, not procrastination, brings victory in a year like this one.


Copyright (c) myLittleAstrology

2013 was a year of holding on to money and save money and energy. The money we put aside and this energy was all saved because we knew that the Year of Green Wood Horse was coming. This year is all about spending, going out, having fun, loving, travelling, and succeeding in anything that is fast and furious. Keep in mind this year that Horse energy is wild and independent. The time for planning was 2013, the time for action is 2014. Also in Horse year, it’s easy to make a very good decision based on instinct, especially business decisions that are not planned, but “just feel right.”

Of course, all you people born in the Horse Year (2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918, 1906) will benefit a lot from this year and mainly because you know how to act to make things happen. You feel the Horse Year and you will feel good riding along and going to your dream destination. This is supposed to be one of the best years for you.

My advice for Year of Green Wood Horse? Take a leap of faith; Buy that dream home; Travel the world; Lunch that business that you prepared for in 2013;Make a big purchase; Get that big promotion and Have a breakthrough and fly!

Have a great year !

© Andreea Dumitru, MyLittleAstrology, 2013 All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “2014: A ride till destination

    • Hello! Happy New Year to you too! Thank you very much for the kind words and I hope 2014 will be full of action and energy just like in my post! A really happy new year !

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