Virgo 2014 – take care of yourself!


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Dear Virgo, this is your general description of the Green Wood Horse, 2014. Are you ready to learn to take care of you? This happens to be one of those years you are very important for yourself and you have to learn that you need care too. Remember 2014 is a year of relationships, a year where we create relations or we just get rid of the ones that are not doing any good to our lives and this is a notable part. We are ready to fight for the relations that are good for us and we are ready to forget all about the people that are not right. This year we take action and make decisions, we don’t plan; we just feel what we should do. Not all decisions must be based on instinct, but this is the general trend. Venus and Mars are 2 very important planets in the year of the Green Wood Horse and these are both retrograde at the start of the year and that is why we have to be careful in anything we do in our relations.

Venus is now very powerful and Venus is retrograde till the 31st of January and for you that means you have to be careful about love affairs, the relations with your children and some stopping in your creativity. Evaluate and don’t rush into anything at the start of the year. Keep in mind that you have to act as a diplomat. The Jupiter opposition with Pluto will mark some obsessions, some obsessive love affairs, some relations outside your marriage and probably some fights with your children.  Mars is also going to retrograde at the start of this year in March, April and May 2014 and for you, that is a sign of going to the negotiations room and not to war. Mars is forcing you to play it safe, you may be forced to let go of some possessions that you have in order to have more money for something else. You need to invest in something, but try to do so after May 2014 when Mars will turn direct. You may also need to save some money and you should do that with safe banking products. The April Lunar Eclipse will also affect your money sector and your possessions, so the impact is rather big.

Decisive action brings victory in a year like this one, but you of all signs have to be very careful. That goes for the major changes this year. These are given by the 4 eclipses that we have in our astrological chart. Eclipses in 2014 for you will mean changing the way you learn, what you will learn and the way you see sexuality. This will change as October comes with a special Lunar Eclipse in your area of life that has to do with taboo love, forbidden fruit, you and your partner and the way you make love. This is not a position where you feel good as you don’t like the subject so much. That is why my advice is to be yourself as much as possible.

Jupiter is the planet that brings expansion, blessings, optimism and prosperity. Jupiter is in your friendship area, so you will be helped and you will have a lot of support in anything you do from high placed people. Socializing and networking will be very beneficial at the start of the year. From July, Jupiter will make you go on a trip around the world, so… take a vacation, relax, stop spending a lot of money, balance your life, kick back and enjoy a massage. This is the part where you have to feel good and you have to take care of yourself.

The Solar Eclipse in October will make you finish a chapter where communication was very important. Saturn will also help. Saturn has entered Scorpio on the 5th of October 2012 and will stay there till the 17th of September 2015. Saturn is the great planet of discipline, of hard work and patience; of solitude and of responsibility. Saturn will teach you all there is to know on keeping and achieving a goal. The more energy you put into your projects now, the greater the reward. Saturn now will make you write more, edit or lecture if this is the case. If you work in a marketing or social services Company, Saturn will be benefic here because it is helping you to become more aware of the trends in the market.

Have a great year, dear Virgo!


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