Tricky breed – the Aquarius woman

Oprah Winfrey, Aquarius, born Jan 29: “I don’t believe in failure. It is not failure if you enjoyed the process.

I dedicate this new post to myself and to all Aquarius women out in the world. I have to be selfish this time. I celebrated my birthday on the 12th of February. I loved it. I am fond of celebrating my own birthday. I am not sure why, I just am.

Aquarius women are strong. Strong as hell. And I am not sure if this is from experience, if this is about me or this is about all the women that I know born between the 20th of January and the 18th of February. They are a little crazy, a little unconventional, sometimes inconsistent, a different breed of people and they are extremely hard working. That is very very hard working. Most of the Aquarius women I know are inlove with their work and pursue their dream with tenacity and a lot of determination. Just try to understand that about them.


Aquarius by Cristina Benescu

Aquarius women are very natural, they shine and they love everything that is new and has a little bit of artistic and creative in it. These women are highly capable and demand a great deal of independence in every-way possible. These are those kinds of women who can stand up for the world and never sit there moaning how awful the world is.

An Aquarius woman has an electrifying personality, she is unpredictable and intelligent.

The Aquarius woman is usually the most independent sign of the zodiac. She is like a butterfly as she is social, friendly, yet, does not truly belong to anyone. That is until  she finds what she is looking for. She will then be true to her husband/ lover/ best friend and here you can really see happily ever after. I am not sure you will hear wedding bells with this woman, but you sure found the best friend for life. She will be by your side no matter what.

She likes to do everything by herself; like opening the door for example. She will not wait for you as she thinks she can do anything on her own. She lives by her own set of rules and has great admiration for people who can do the same. She will not copy anything; she will just be herself.

The Aquarius women are thinkers and have fine leadership qualities. Also, she loves to share knowledge, and in process, expand her knowledge base as well. She loves to support people around her and always tries to take the best from them. She sets high standards for herself and others around and demands more that what is reasonable. Sometimes is rather hard to always cope with her. That I know for a fact :).

In the end, I can tell you … being with an Aquarius woman is a little bit magic.

Thank you so much Cristina Benescu for one of the best presents for my 29th birthday!