My name is Andreea.

A few things about me: I am 28. I am fond of astrology. I have studied 6 year Marketing and Management at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. I have written my Master Thesis in Customer Relationship Management and I am now a student in my third year at Law School, University of Bucharest. I love to learn and work. I am manager at Ipsos. Here is my profile:

I am born on the 12th of February so that makes me Aquarius. I have a Rising Sign in Cancer. I have a Scorpio Moon. So I am an odd combination of Aquarius – Cancer – Scorpio.

This is myLittleAstrology, my blog. You can read here about astrology, zodiac signs, planets, the future, Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, Sun, Ascendant, compatibility between signs.

You can contact me for any questions related to astrology and my posts at


We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else. – C.G.Jung



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