When Gemini meets Leo

This is a new post for my dedicated compatibility column “When Harry met Sally”. As I write this, I am very happy as my exam period for Law School is over and I have more time for myLittleAstrology. Today, I want to write a post about a couple that conquered the world. These 2 are in every history books on the planet. You’ll fall in love with them, just as I did.


Jacqueline Kennedy
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I hope you all recognize Jacqueline Kennedy born Bouvier in the picture. Born on the 28th of July, she is an elegant, crazy beautiful, bright, curious and intelligent Leo woman. As you can see in this picture, she shines. Her father was a wealthy New York stockbroker, so she grew up as a well educated, spoiled young girl. She had the perfect life; she was well traveled and very artistic. She excelled as a student, writing frequent essays, later becoming a well respected publisher.


John F. Kennedy
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And this man here was the 35th President of the United States, meet John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Born on the 29th of June, he is the perfect face of the Gemini man. At 43 years of age, he was the youngest to have been elected to the office. He was born in a famous family; both the Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys were wealthy and prominent. As a Gemini child, he was handsome, charming, blessed with a radiant smile and incredibly popular with his Harvard classmates. He also had a thing for women. His father realized that if the young Kennedy wanted to be a candidate for the USA, he needed a wife.


Jacqueline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy
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…and that is when Gemini meets Leo. They were introduced by a mutual friend, at a small dinner party. JFK later said:”I’d known a lot of attractive women in my lifetime … but of them all there was only one I could have married — and I married her.”Source: Carl Anthony. She was the perfect wife, soon to become the U.S. First Lady. They were married a year later from their first date. Soon after that, Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon by a razor-thin margin to become president of the United States. Jackie was a star in the Leo way – she turned the White House into a museum of American history and culture that would inspire patriotism and public service in those who visited. She had the typical fine Leo artistic way of turning things.  In the same time, JFK inspired all Americans to more active citizenship, he created the Peace Corps volunteers and as a skilled diplomatic Gemini he presided over a series of international crises. As a couple, they had 3 children and they became the ideal public couple for all the young people in the world. They were an icon and they inspired wealth and power.

Gemini and Leo, make a great happy couple. They get together really well as Gemini is Air and Leo is Fire and Air fuels Fire and helps it spread far and wide. Gemini loves mental stimulation and is very attracted to the dramatic, lovely spirit of Leo. They both have a lot of energy and need each other on a daily basis. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Gemini is ruled by Mercury and both planets love communication and heated debates. Leo is a great leader and that is why placed near sparkling Gemini they can inspire people and create power. Just as the famous couple.

Gemini is very flexible and Leo is rather fixed. In a way, Gemini is going to follow Leo’s style even if this is not open to the public eye. They both create this great lifestyle where they can shine and have fun. They both love to travel and enjoy friends. Leo is serious about things – following the target until he obtains what he wants and Gemini will support this. That is…as long as Leo respects Gemini’s freedom. Leo needs a lot of attention and sometimes the playful Gemini will not give as much. Don’t worry as Leo will eventually say or discover something interesting and Gemini will be right next to them when this happens. These 2 are going to get married, I tell you.

Thank you for reading!


Love a Gemini?

Natalie Portman, Gemini, born June 9: “I’m a Gemini, so I change my mind every day.”


Gemini Illustration
by Cristina Creanga

This post is entirely dedicated to Gemini people and to some of my dear friends that are born under this Sun Sign. I hope I will manage to cover all the great joy of having a Gemini friend or lover. Did I say joy? I meant excitement and pleasure and fun and crazy days! Gemini is the third Sun Sign and it is ruled by Mercury. To know and to understand a Gemini, you must start by understanding and feeling this little planet. Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and it is the closest planet to the Sun. It makes one trip around the Sun once every app 87 days. Mercury is bright when it is visible from Earth and it is quick, very quick. It is said to rule communication and day-to-day expression and life; Mercury is coordination, sports, fun. Mercury represents how we study, how we process information and how we communicate with others. Now, you know where to start when you want to figure out a Gemini friend or lover.

Gemini is the translation of the Greek Didymoi, “the Twins.” So, if you have a Gemini friend, in reality you have 2 of them. That is strange, but let me tell you: it’s worth it! Gemini is charming, full of intellectual energy, loves to travel and to talk about almost everything. They are lovely creatures that can change ambiance around into something really pleasant.

When in a good mood, Gemini can make you feel extraordinary because they are inquisitive, curious, communicative and versatile. When in a bad mood, they can be nervous, picky and indecisive. Having 2 of them always around, they can change their mind a lot, just like Natalie Portman. She is by the way my favorite Gemini and I will have to write a post only on her. Gemini is able to make quick changes in any aspect of their life. They cannot bear to be bored. They crave for variety and diverse ideas and jobs and people and houses and places. A real Gemini would say: “I’m a Gemini, and I get so bored so easily. I mean, I have moved six times in the last eight years.” Courteney Cox, born June 15.

Gemini loves to collect information and to share it with everybody. They have many friends and are very social. Usual, these friends come from a lot of places and they are very different. Anything not to tire or bore our little Gemini! They are prone to learning new languages; they are great with writing and with people, with TV shows and with jobs related to sales, with organizing events and marketing, with travel and public relations. Usually, they change jobs and one job for the rest of their lives is one thing they hate. You have to be an Air person to understand that! I know what I am talking about!

Now, do you happen to love a Gemini woman or man? You’re in for a very fun time! I am not sure if this is forever, but it’s sure going to worth the time of your life!

Do you love a Gemini Man? This is the Man you will find very easy, make friends with in an instant, but you are going to have hard time keeping him! You will never ever feel bored, but you will be probably tired. He is a great one: charming, smart, funny, creative and adventurous! What a man! To impress, he’ll tell funny stories or show off, but this is just at the beginning of the story. Gemini Man are enthusiastic and a have passion for life and sometimes for women. He loves his freedom and it’s going to be hard to marry him. Just be ready to have a great friend and a party person and a loves to travel guy by your side!

Do you love a Gemini Woman? You are in for a challenge! This woman is witty and happy and strong and versatile and a mix of everything you know! You can discuss anything with her: politics, religion, fashion and travel! You have to keep up with that. Try to read news faster than her. Just kidding, you are going to lose this game! Easily bored, Gemini women need constant change and movement. If you love to travel and to discuss and to change a lot, this is the woman for you. She will need an element of mystery with her lover, keeping her guessing and keep her attention alive. She will charming when she wants to and will love to party. Gemini woman will fall in love in a second, but will not risk her freedom. She will have to taste the water first and if you are her kind, she will be by your side. She will eternally be young at heart and will only plant roots when she is ready.

Gemini Compatibility? The best I know is Gemini – Gemini! I have been friends with this lovely couple that will win the race of longevity and they are fun and loving!

Thank you again Cri for the authentic Gemini Illustration! Now, you can also buy Cristina’s work here: http://www.etsy.com/people/criolina