When Leo meets Virgo

I have a free day today due to bank holiday and I decided to catch up with my writing on myLittleAstrology. My Lion is working, so it is a totally free day for me in front of the computer and with some law books around. I am going to tell you a strange love story, one that I have never imagined writing about. It’s a story about a Lion naturally as we are now in their season and about a crazy film director.


Madonna and Guy Ritchie
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They were sweet and crazy, she was becoming the start of the world, one of the most influential women on Earth and he was just a starting director. He was 32 and she was 42 when they decided to get married. They were married for 8 years and I believe this is quite some time. They also have an 11-year-old son. But did they match at all? Well, I am not very sure, but to walk beside Madonna, the Fire Leo, it’s a hell of a hard job. And Guy Ritchie did it for as long as 8 years. I think what we have here is a love story and 2 people who felt really good about each other.

Guy Ritchie said for Details magazine, “I enjoyed my first marriage. It’s definitely not something I regret. The experience was ultimately very positive.”

The Lion and the Virgo?

Madonna, the pop-singer, is a powerful Lion girl, she is hot, she is the typical Lion in action. She does not take no for an answer, she loves the conquest, fighting, power and she has worked hard for all of this. It is very hard for her to stand still and she loves the stage and the applause and the wildness. If you love her that is why you do. The Lion is extroverted and charismatic. She needs to dominate in any relation that she has. Guy Ritchie, film director of Snatch(2000) and Sherlock Holmes(2009) is a Virgo, born on the 10th of September. The Virgo Man is studious and withdrawn, possesses more versatility than Leo. The Virgo Man was totally taken by surprise by the Lion Woman. The Lion Woman shows a lot of good fun and happiness and warmth and love to the Virgo Man. The Virgo Man shows patience and intellectual energy. The Virgo Man will be slow and will think things over and will love to be near the Leo Star Woman he chose.


The Virgo Man and the Lion Woman
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The Leo Woman will probably be obsessed with her and a little bit selfish, but that is why she chose the Virgo Man. He knows true value when he sees it and he will love to adore her just the way she is. He will be the practical one and will think about money and the future and controlling things and she will just enjoy the ride. The Virgo Man works hard behind the scenes, scheduling things and following up.

They have opposite personalities, but that is why they complement each other in so many ways. 

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When Gemini meets Leo

This is a new post for my dedicated compatibility column “When Harry met Sally”. As I write this, I am very happy as my exam period for Law School is over and I have more time for myLittleAstrology. Today, I want to write a post about a couple that conquered the world. These 2 are in every history books on the planet. You’ll fall in love with them, just as I did.


Jacqueline Kennedy
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I hope you all recognize Jacqueline Kennedy born Bouvier in the picture. Born on the 28th of July, she is an elegant, crazy beautiful, bright, curious and intelligent Leo woman. As you can see in this picture, she shines. Her father was a wealthy New York stockbroker, so she grew up as a well educated, spoiled young girl. She had the perfect life; she was well traveled and very artistic. She excelled as a student, writing frequent essays, later becoming a well respected publisher.


John F. Kennedy
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And this man here was the 35th President of the United States, meet John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Born on the 29th of June, he is the perfect face of the Gemini man. At 43 years of age, he was the youngest to have been elected to the office. He was born in a famous family; both the Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys were wealthy and prominent. As a Gemini child, he was handsome, charming, blessed with a radiant smile and incredibly popular with his Harvard classmates. He also had a thing for women. His father realized that if the young Kennedy wanted to be a candidate for the USA, he needed a wife.


Jacqueline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy
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…and that is when Gemini meets Leo. They were introduced by a mutual friend, at a small dinner party. JFK later said:”I’d known a lot of attractive women in my lifetime … but of them all there was only one I could have married — and I married her.”Source: Carl Anthony. She was the perfect wife, soon to become the U.S. First Lady. They were married a year later from their first date. Soon after that, Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon by a razor-thin margin to become president of the United States. Jackie was a star in the Leo way – she turned the White House into a museum of American history and culture that would inspire patriotism and public service in those who visited. She had the typical fine Leo artistic way of turning things.  In the same time, JFK inspired all Americans to more active citizenship, he created the Peace Corps volunteers and as a skilled diplomatic Gemini he presided over a series of international crises. As a couple, they had 3 children and they became the ideal public couple for all the young people in the world. They were an icon and they inspired wealth and power.

Gemini and Leo, make a great happy couple. They get together really well as Gemini is Air and Leo is Fire and Air fuels Fire and helps it spread far and wide. Gemini loves mental stimulation and is very attracted to the dramatic, lovely spirit of Leo. They both have a lot of energy and need each other on a daily basis. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Gemini is ruled by Mercury and both planets love communication and heated debates. Leo is a great leader and that is why placed near sparkling Gemini they can inspire people and create power. Just as the famous couple.

Gemini is very flexible and Leo is rather fixed. In a way, Gemini is going to follow Leo’s style even if this is not open to the public eye. They both create this great lifestyle where they can shine and have fun. They both love to travel and enjoy friends. Leo is serious about things – following the target until he obtains what he wants and Gemini will support this. That is…as long as Leo respects Gemini’s freedom. Leo needs a lot of attention and sometimes the playful Gemini will not give as much. Don’t worry as Leo will eventually say or discover something interesting and Gemini will be right next to them when this happens. These 2 are going to get married, I tell you.

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When Aries meets Taurus

I have promised a friend to write this post and this is it. I have also made a promise to myself to have the drive to write about all the Sun Signs and the compatibility between them. I hope to keep it and I thank everybody who likes to read this blog and these posts.

To start off: remember Aries? The wild, fire one that starts everything and believes in wars? Do you think this sign is going to end up with a Taurus, our stable, security driven star Sun Sign of the month? Well, I am not sure as astrological they are not so compatible, but I have a famous couple to prove me so wrong and one of the strongest, most committed couple I know!

David Bechkam (Taurus) and Victoria Beckham (Aries)
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They met at a charity football match and after that, Victoria and David began to see each other regularly. SHE is Posh from Spice Girls and if you do not recall her this way, you will remember her as Victoria Beckham. She is a strong true Aries woman. HE is an English sexy football performer who has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid. Meet the Taurus David Beckham. At the beginning of the relationships they used to drive to places and just spend as much time together as possible. When the press found out about their relationship, they were the most talked-about pairing in the country and in the world. Soon after, they got married. Now, Victoria and David have 3 sons and 1 daughter. The family is extremely happy and very committed. Just look at the pictures and you will again see what I mean.


Happy Taurus and Aries
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Why they match? Taurus is ruled by Venus and Aries is ruled by Mars. Venus and Mars make this lovely couple and end up in a long love affair. Taurus has enormous staying power and Aries has a lot of passion. Put passion from Aries near determination and will power from Taurus and you will have a couple that is able to conquer the world. They are both loyal and sincere and they both see the future with optimistic eyes. Often times referred to as the as the “cusp of power”, the Aries/Taurus combination is one you do not want to fight against. They are very strong once decided to be together. It’s not going to be an easy task, but if this combination will work out, they will be the proof that opposites attract.

Aries will plant the seed and Taurus will take care of it to let it grow. Taurus will feed the relationship – take care of the house they live in, take care of the money and Aries will do all the other work that needs to be done. Taurus has a laid back attitude and Aries is fiery and spontaneous. Taurus really needs someone to be the starter and Aries needs someone to help him go all the way. Aries will do the talking and Taurus will do the listening. But that’s good, that’s very good as we need that in a relationship – don’t we? Taurus possesses a sensual and charismatic force of attraction for Aries.

Loving Taurus
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Thank you Cristina & Costin for inspiring this post!

When Cancer meets Taurus

She is Megan Fox and she is one of the most beautiful/sexy/hot women on Planet Earth. She is Taurus. She is considered one of the modern female sex symbols.


Megan Fox

He is Brian Austin Green – David from Bevery Hills,90210. Hope you remember him. He is Cancer.

Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green


They met in 2004 on the set of her former sitcom Hope & Faith when she was just 18 years old. It was love at first sight as they got married in June 2010. It was magic. A Taurus woman meets an older Cancer man. Brian is 13 years older than her. This is very good for the Taurus woman as she loves older men. Megan Fox said: “I don’t want to sound corny or cliché, but I do believe we are destined to live this part of our lives together.” Despite a brief breakup in early 2009, the pair got back together and the flame grew wilder and wilder. They now have 1 baby and they are homey and happy.

So…what happens when you put a Cancer near a Taurus? Well…creativity, kids, pure happiness. They love a good home, good food, they are both very sensitive and mad for each other. Just look at these pictures with these 2 and you will see what love is all about. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Both of these celestial bodies vibrate with feminine energy. Cancer is attracted to Taurus’s open, honest nature. Taurus is attracted to the sensitive and loving nature of Cancer.

Taurus is looking for material security, Cancer for emotional security. Visions of a future together start to emerge, perhaps a dream home or a common purpose. For example, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were involved in rescuing pets from pet stores. They are both committed and reliable people. They love to help and make the world a better place.

Taurus is an Earth Sign and Cancer is a Water Sign. Water and Earth are compatible as tangible entities. Taurus is possessive, and Cancer loves that! The steady, loyal nature of Taurus fulfills the Cancerian longing for something enduring. This match is also good for marriage and it goes a long way!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green
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Loving Cancer
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