Love a Taurus?

Taurus, the sign that reads their monthly bank statements for fun on cold winter nights before they go to sleep.


Taurus Illustration by Cristina Creanga

This is my favorite quote about Taurus people and it means that Taurus people are really good with money. They will be at their best in professions like: accountant, financier, banker, auctioneer or real estate broker. You must love or have a friend in Taurus. They are the most reliable human beings. This makes them great at work and fantastic as husbands and wives. Unfortunately, they are not prone to marriage as you may think as Lucky in love is not their thing. Eventually they settle with somebody and make that somebody really happy. 

No one is more persistent and hardworking as a Taurus. Their symbol is a bull and this has been for centuries now the mark for strength, tenacity, virility, and power. The Taurus personality is thought to be calm, but when their anger is aroused, their temper can be wicked. I have a very good friend and he is calm and hardworking and he said to me the other day: “You don’t want to see me explode as you will not like me that much!”  Well, I know he has good point there as he is Taurus! They don’t get annoyed quickly, you must work for a good fight with them, but when they do… take care of yourself or better said: Run Forrest, Run!

No other sign in the zodiac is closer to earth then Taurus. Taurus loves stability and hates change in any form! He loves his home or he is destined to create a home for others. This can be a lifelong dream for Taurus people. He loves to stay at home and would rather spend hours watching TV, enjoying a good meal with family and friends than go out and party. As our Taurus friend or family grows old he will become more and more attached to home. This is where he feels good. It is likely that he will manage to work from home or just create an office space for him in the backyard. For Taurus people, their own home and country has positive vibes and these are the places they can prosper. It’s not good for the true Taurus to leave the country or try his luck somewhere else as they are probably not going to be very happy there.

Taurus has an innate sense of harmony, rhythm and color. You will love your Taurus partner as he or she will do just about anything that pleases you! What is more is that Taurus is a very sensual partner; he loves sex and loves to find pleasure in all forms in his life. As a rule both sexes are jealous in their disposition, and their jealousy often drives them into acts of violence or sudden exhibition of temper. They can be over possessive and turn their loved one in an ownership.

Do you love a Taurus Man? He is stable and loves security. Don’t try to change much about him as it will not turn out the way you want to. He has an eye for business and an eye for making the perfect home for you. He is best at being a father and a builder. He is not going to be much fun or a party animal. He will be stubborn and you have to get used to that. This will never ever change! He may be workaholic, but he will take care of you too. Don’t worry about that! He will have a strong desire to succeed and earn a name for him in the society. He will not talk about his achievements in public, but at the same time, he will ensure that his lifestyle and material possessions do the talking. Let me know if you have found yourself the perfect man for you in this Taurus Man.

Do you happen to love a Taurus Woman? Well, you are one lucky man! I know one for sure and he knows how lucky he is! They are loyal and genuine, they don’t get upset very quickly, but they can become quite stubborn. Emotionally, the Taurus women are very strong and can survive the most challenging situations. They can handle huge amount of stress. They love it if you take the lead. Taurus woman are great followers and will make your lead very easy. She will stand by you forever and never ask herself if this is the right thing to do. She loves to be near her friends so you have to make that happen! Like Taurus Man, she is very good with money and will assure a secure household. Let me know if you have found yourself the perfect partner for you in this Taurus Woman.

Special thanks to Cristina Creanga and her adorable Taurus illustration and our project together to show a zodiac sign each month! Please see other works done by my friend here: